Eid vacations: UAE issues travel guidelines

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation continues to contact the UAE people, who plan to travel abroad during the summer season, to observe advice and guidance to ensure their personal safety while abroad. Assistant Under-Secretary for Consular Affairs at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ahmed Elham Al Dhaheri, advised the citizens to adhere to the travel suggestions and guidance. He included that they should view travel cautions on the site of the Ministry and the citizens' affairs page that includes all details and personalized services that match the needs of the citizens taking a trip abroad, be they travelers or scholars, or those looking for treatment or students, or expatriate citizens. During traveling you should buy a waterproof car covers for your car safety.

He included that such information and guidance would facilitate all consular transactions and ensure safety and security of travelers abroad so regarding spend their vacations without any issues or barriers. The UAE official called on those wanting to travel to European countries, consisting of those which exempt residents of the state from the Schengen visa requirements, on the need to take care, while abroad due to the security developments in some European nations, triggered by the unfolding unrest in the Middle East region, and their fallout, particularly the refugee crisis.

Use charge card to prevent exposure to theft

He advised the residents to avoid bring large amounts of money throughout their travel, noting that they can rather use the credit cards, to prevent prospective exposure to a theft or assault events that might put their security and personal safety at risk. Al Dhaheri likewise urged people to exercise extreme caution throughout their see or existence in popular traveler destinations in some European countries, to avoid direct exposure to occurrences of assault with fraud and theft objectives, which are of typical incident in such places frequented by great deals of people and travelers during the summer season period. He referred to the importance of choosing accommodation in safe locations.

Aide by the burqa ban: He also suggested to the residents to abide by the ban of burqa (the veil) applied in some European nations and cities, which restrict the using of the veil (burqa) in public institutions and places, to prevent legal consequences or fines developing from the violation of this law. The UAE official noted that European states that ban the wearing of veil are France, Belgium and the Netherlands, in addition to some European cities such as Barcelona in Spain, which banned the wearing of any clothes covering the face since 2010, and the Hesse State in Germany and a variety of Italian cities. The Danish courts also banned the veil.

He called on the residents who prepare to travel to Switzerland to abide by the burqa restriction in Thiessen Canton, located southeast of Switzerland, where the restriction of the veil started in public places as of the very first of July 2016, pointing out that the fine for breaching the ban starts from 100 Swiss Francs up to 1,000 Francs, or a lawbreaker deals with deportation from the canton, and the fine can increase if the lawbreaker demands using the veil.

Regard laws of host country

Al Dhaheri called on the residents to respect the laws of a host country, in order to honorably represent the UAE abroad, stressing the need for cooperation with the official authorities upon arrival at the airport of the location nation through declaring some important personal info if asked, such as length of stay, house and travel ticket and the date of return, and money quantity they hold throughout their presence in the host country.

Select correct accommodation

It is incumbent upon travelers showing up or departing from European Union nations, with 10, 000 Euros or more in cash, to reveal the total up to the customs policeman. He stressed that the residents should prevent travelling to security difficulty spots and follow-up travel cautions before they choose a location. Al Dhaheri likewise urged the tourists to pick the appropriate accommodation with the security and safety requirements, and avoid locations that lack such requirements. He included that they need to not leave the doors of houses or rooms open. There is likewise they have to confirm the identity of individual before unlocking, while children need to not be left alone outside. The people ought to avoid heading out separately, especially late at night. In the event of non-citizen escorts, he stated, the people must follow typical treatments for the issuance of entry visa and a written pledge from the sponsor to bear all the expenditures of visa. He also called for keeping passports in safe locations at the home, and not to carry them at markets and public places. He likewise stressed the need to make sure the credibility of passports, as the duration enough to leave and return ought to not be less than 6 months.

Al Dhaheri stressed that the UAE people taking a trip abroad and who accompany their children must take care of them thoroughly, specifically those with special needs, particularly at public location. He referred to the need of having a worldwide driving license, as some nations deemed it a vital condition to enable foreign visitors to drive cars on its territory. He recommended the people in the event of medical treatment abroad, particularly those who go on their own costs, that they must get in touch with the health authorities in the state, and the state mission in a host country, to get first-hand info about the accredited institutions that offer much better treatment so as not to fall victim of medical overlook or ill-treatment or fraud.

The UAE authorities gotten in touch with the citizens wanting to travel to sign up in "my twajudi service", by registering their family members, the elderly and children, at the official Ministry's site or wise application "UAEMOFA" a service managed by the ministry and objectives abroad to interact with the travelers in cases of emergency and crisis while abroad to obtain support.


7 Travel Tips for Procrastinators

Possibly you embrace the term procrastinator. Maybe you choose to think of yourself as deadline driven. But whatever you call it, there s no denying that procrastination leads to a specific set of travel difficulties understood only by individuals who by option or compulsion leave everything to the eleventh hour. Here are some hard facts that travel procrastinators should know, and some ideas for taking advantage of a trip when you've waited too long to strategy or book. You know who hates middle seats on aircrafts? In the present age of advance seat assignments, window and aisle seats get snatched up early, leaving the feared middle seats to the procrastinators and anybody else who has to book at the last minute. Procrastinator Tip: Fly a no-advance-seat-assignment airline like Southwest. As long as you can sign in 24 hours ahead of time, you need to be able to get into a boarding group that will allow you to score an aisle or window seat.

Reality: You Will Probably Pay More

Yes, we're all procrastinators and advance planners alike intrigued by stories of strong bookers who waited until the eleventh hour to book and scored a fantastic deal. Most of the time, if you've got a specific destination and a particular date variety in mind, you're going to end up paying more to book at the last minute. Procrastinator Tip: If you can be flexible with your destination or your travel dates, there s an entire world of great last-minute offers out there. And discover same-day hotel accessibility with an app like HotelTonight.

Truth: Your Destination Country Might Not Even Let You In

Procrastinators with a global journey on the horizon, follow this warning: If your passport is quickly to expire, you might find problem ahead. Dozens of nations have six-month (or three-month) passport validity guidelines, implying that if your passport ends within 6 months, that country might refuse you entry. In general, it's constantly a good idea to restore your passport a bit early, both because of this validity guideline and because passport renewal waits times is longer in the winter, spring, and summer. Procrastinator Tip: Some passport companies permit tourists who have actually foreign travel scheduled within two weeks to arrange in-person expedited passport services.

For every direct non-stop flight you can discover to a location, there are likely numerous more connecting flights to choose from. Put off buying your ticket and you may find the direct non-stop flights are currently booked, leaving you with no option however to fly in between Los Angeles and New York by means of Chicago. Procrastinator Tip: If you can find a flight that's inconvenient for another reason, state because it leaves (or shows up) in the middle of the night or departs in the middle of the week when most people choose not to fly, you might have the ability to find a nonstop flight with room, even at the last minute.

Fact: You May Be Too Late

A few of the world's most amazing destinations among them Machu Picchu, the Galapagos, Antarctica, and Italy's Cinque Terre already impose stringent limitations on the number of tourists allowed annually. Still more cities, consisting of Venice and Barcelona, are toying with the concept of restricting goes to. If you wait up until the last minute to book, you're not providing yourself sufficient time to protect a spot in these desired landmarks. Procrastinator Tip: Sometimes you can work around license and advance reservation needs by scheduling a spot with a tour operator that has actually currently protected the areas. When you don't pack till the eleventh hour, you considerably raise your risk of coming to your location without vital items. Alternatively, leaving packing to the last can likewise lead to overstuffed bags, since you sanctuary to offer yourself time to load strategically. And if you pack a lot that you have to examine a bag, it's going to cost you in bag costs. Procrastinator Tip: Keep a packaging list on hand. (May we suggest our Ultimate Packing List?) This will keep you from neglecting the fundamentals and give you a place to write down custom extras as you go.

Truth: You May Have to Pay More to Check a Bag

Some airline companies including Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit charge you more if you wait up until you're at the airport to pay for your checked bags. Frontier, for example, charges $30 on its website to cover the expense of an inspected bag, but ups that to $40 if you wait until the airport to pay, and $60 if you decide to examine your bag at the gate (or if you attempt to slip onto the aircraft with a larger-than-allowed carry-on bag). Procrastinator Tip: Some travel and airline-associated charge card count free examined bags (or checked-bag-fee reimbursement) amongst their perks. If you have the tendency to examine bags, and don t wish to be bothered with extra fees at the last minute, it can be worth the annual cost.